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Advice on manufacturing technologies

In addition to the classic manufacturing process for composites, hand lay-up, there are a large number of other processes. The optimal selection of these technologies or processes depends, among other things, on the material used, the required quality, the series size and, of course, the component geometry.
Composite Consulting provides advice for the following production technologies, for example:


  • Hand lamination

  • Vacuum injection or infusion

  • RTM process

  • Filament winding

  • Pultrusion

We are happy to support you in the selection of the technology, the determination of optimal production parameters and the determination of material-specific characteristics such as viscosity curve, impregnation behaviour or permeability.

Composite Consulting is also at your side when it comes to monitoring the process, selecting sensors and automation. Through cooperation with renowned service providers from industry and research, Composite Consulting can offer you comprehensive services.

Product advice

You want to evaluate your product or develop a new one. We help you save money in product development, evaluate the possibilities, opportunities and risks together with you, carry out market analyses, perform design and calculation services and, if necessary, are happy to put you in touch with possible manufacturers. We will find a solution for you!

Support with product approvals

Do you want to have your products approved or certified according to certain technical rules, product standards or certification programmes? Composite Consulting supports you on this path. In the case of new products, we will be happy to develop the appropriate test programme for you and supervise the entire approval process.

Expert opinion for project-related type approval or approval in individual cases (ZiE) and general building approval (abZ)

Whether a construction method is approved is regulated in Germany by building law. The Model Administrative Regulation on Technical Building Regulations (MVV TB) describes construction products and types of construction that require approval.

Types of construction that deviate significantly from technical building regulations according to § 88a paragraph 2 number 2 or number 3 letter a or for which there are no generally recognised rules of technology may only be used for the construction, modification and maintenance of building structures if for them


a) a general design approval or general building approval (abZ) by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik or

b) a project-related type approval or approval in individual cases (ZiE) has been granted by the highest building supervisory authority.

If hazards within the meaning of § 3 sentence 1 are not to be expected, the supreme building supervisory authority may determine in individual cases or for precisely limited cases in general that a type approval is not required.

Composite Consulting supported by:


  • Advice in the decision-making process for an approval/authorisation

  • Setting up testing and verification programmes

  • Mediation to an accredited and recognised testing body

  • Support in communication with the authorities

  • Preparation of expert reports with definition of design parameters, reduction and partial safety factors as well as definition of requirements for production, assembly and monitoring

  • Cooperation with an accredited and recognised monitoring or inspection body as well as the certification bodies


These expert opinions serve, among other things, to obtain an approval in individual cases (ZiE), a general technical approval (abZ) or a European Technical Approval (ETA).

Damage assessment


Despite great efforts to produce components of a high quality and to make them available to the user, damage occurs time and again during manufacture, transport, assembly or operation.

The determination of the causes of damage requires very complex expert knowledge and the consideration of all boundary conditions. Trust our experience!

Damage is often associated with high costs and also with loss of image. Composite Consulting advises you already in the first phase of damage detection. In this way, high follow-up costs can often be avoided.
We are also happy to assist you as an independent and neutral expert in the assessment of damages in court and before insurance companies. You can count on our expert opinions!


Material and component testing


The quality assessment of materials and products is closely connected with the determination of concrete properties from a multitude of test methods of material and component testing. Composite Consulting cooperates with one of the most renowned private-sector testing service providers, which has extensive accreditations at the highest level and a worldwide reputation.

In this way, we ensure that the expert reports are prepared on a trustworthy basis. You can expect a professional handling of your tasks with us!


Preparation of expert reports

The preparation of expert reports is the result of the fields of activity of Composite Consulting. On the basis of fault cause evaluation, damage assessment, inspection or monitoring reports as well as on the basis of material and component testing reports, Composite Consulting prepares expert opinions for companies, authorities, insurance companies and courts.

In the expert reports, all results determined in advance are interpreted, evaluated and, if necessary, corrective measures are recommended. Among other things, the reduction factors for long-term behaviour are defined.

These expert reports serve, among other things, to obtain an approval in individual cases (ZiE), a general building approval (abZ) or an ETA and also serve as a basis for decisions by insurance companies and courts.

Public appointment

The preparation of expert opinions on behalf of courts is carried out as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for the application and testing of reinforced thermosetting plastics.




Finding the cause of errors

Whoever has made a mistake and does not correct it, commits a second one. Confucius ca. 550 B.C.

Don't look for mistakes, look for solutions.
Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Errors accompany us through the entire development and manufacturing process of fibre composite components. The causes can be as diverse as the fibre composites themselves. It is often difficult to identify the right causes. Composite Consulting supports you in finding the causes of faults and, above all, in working out solutions to avoid or reduce faults.

Courses and seminars

Expert knowledge is important and in demand. Together with our customers, we create customised training and seminar programmes tailored exactly to your requirements. All topics related to fibre-reinforced plastics are possible, from material and technological basics, design, testing methods, calculation to non-destructive testing and component testing.

Specialist lectures

You need an expert lecture for your event. We can draw on a wide range of topics from our extensive repertoire and tailor them to you and your event. Do you want to discuss a new topic? We will be happy to develop your desired contribution.

Materials application advice for composites


The design variety for composites is almost infinite due to the hardly manageable number of different reinforcing fibres, reinforcing textiles, resin or matrix systems, fillers or additives. At the same time, this advantage of FRP construction materials also presents a challenge to designers, processors and users.

Composite Consulting supports you in the selection of the material combination, taking into account the application conditions and manufacturing possibilities. The cost factor and availability are also taken into account.

Inspection and monitoring services

The execution of surveillance tests during the manufacture and assembly of products, e.g. building products according to the State Building Code or inspection tests according to the European Construction Products Regulation (EU-BauPVO) is an important part of quality assurance and surveillance. The execution is the responsibility of recognised or accredited bodies with technical competence.

Composite Consulting advises on the definition of the scope of monitoring and testing and arranges for recognised and accredited monitoring and inspection bodies.

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